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Case Studies

See some practical examples of our work, and envision how we can help you.

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Artwork used with permission from the artist.

Paul Delvaux - La Ville des Sables
In absence of a Certificate of Authenticity and no reference to the catalogue raisonné, Collectory contacted the Paul Delvaux Foundation and applied for the first committee available. The foundation recognized the painting as Authentic, releasing an official CoA. 
Cartier Art Deco - The Essential Collection

"This collection is a testament to a collector's unwavering passion, keen eye for detail, and profound knowledge of the Art Deco Movement."

Collectory managed to track and retrieve over 30 years of purchase history for this 22 piece jewellery collection.

Raoul Dufy - Les Mannequins de Poiret
With reference to the Provenance, we discovered that in preparing the auction catalogue, the auction house forgot to mention that following the sale of the artwork made by Galerie Petrides in 1983 to an American Collector, the artwork was later sold at an auction in New York.
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