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Secure & Leverage
Your Fine Art Collection

Maximize Collection Value & Streamline Art Transaction
With 100% Unforgeable & Verifiable Provenance

Artwork used with permission from the artist.

80% of fine art owned by collectors is undervalued or not marketable, due to incomplete, unofficial, or outdated documentation, often without any liability guaranteed by the issuers. However, Collectory’s innovative process & technology maximizes collection value & marketability, by using independently & unbiased audits through a rigorous due diligence and providing clients with high-quality information, then engraving the truth into the blockchain,
providing an instant & unforgeable
Certificate of 
Artwork Verification.

Who We Serve

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Private Collections

If you own or manage an art collection, you are inspired by culture, passion and investment. By having your collection unquestionably verified, certified, and permanently secured through Collectory Art, your collection will offer higher liquidity, and consequently higher intrinsic value for trading, investment and art lending operations.


Collectory helps families/family offices/estates in achieving capital appreciation for multigenerational wealth transfer, wealth preservation and/or succession planning, with respect to fine art. Collectory's permanent & secure certification & vaulting enhances the efficiency of succession, resulting in less time requirements, costs, and fewer disputes.

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Auction Houses

Collectory helps auction houses to drastically accelerate fine art transactions by providing instant (within seconds) & unforgeable certification of provenance. This drastically reduces the time needed for authentication and fraud-related costs, while maximizing client confidence in authenticity & brand value.

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Private Banks

Banks used to struggle with leveraging art as an asset, due to the perception of excessive risk. This perception stems from the difficulty in conducting due diligence, since most art doesn't have up to date, traceable, verified & certified proof that can be easily accessed. Collectory has changed this by providing immediate access to a permanent & secure certification of an artwork's authenticity.


Cumulative Fine-Art Held by Private Collector


Counterfeit/illegal Transactions (Annually)


Percentage of Art Assets Currently Leveraged


Estimated Art Lending Market in 5 years

Key Art Industry Metrics

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